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Hot Wheels Unleashed Announcement Trailer

2021-02-26 49 0 Vimeo

Puppetworks produced this announcement trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed, a console and PC racing game developed and published by Milestone. Renowned for its collectable toys and entertaining gameplay on video game platforms, Hot Wheels is internationally recognized by millions. The new game is about having fun, racing and doing crazy stunts, experimenting with player's creativity in track building and car painting. Hot Wheels Unleashed appears with a promising concept for its players: collect, customize, race and build! The trailer combines two vital ingredients; chaos and fun. Puppetworks had the responsibility to create an adrenaline-packed cinematic story and to create a trailer that fits the Hot Wheels identity. One of the most significant challenges with the project was to play with the scaling. The movie shrinks its audience to the small-car size. Therefore, all the surroundings that became gigantic had to be adjusted realistically. Another challenge was to make the toy cars look like real cars, and since all the vehicles used are Hot Wheels original designs, it was crucial to portray the unique character of the cars. We reflected on this feature by giving them their own movements: not only do they all behave differently, but they also sound distinctive which was achieved by intense sound design. Accompanied by a Drum and Bass soundtrack, with its exciting ups and downs, the trailer offers an entertaining sneak peek into the Hot Wheels Unleashed universe. With the world's raddest cars, the most insane tracks and the most exciting races, the trailer successfully reflects all the fun awaiting to be played. Don't forget to look for the Easter egg!