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gajanan mishra - Water, water and water

2014-08-07 151 Dailymotion

Let me drink water
I know water is
Only true drink for me.

Food juices and soups
Are my foods,
Coffee tea wine
Are all poison.

I am thirsty
Give me a drop of
Pure water.

Let me sip water
As slowly as I
Comfortably can.
I know when I am
Sipping water
I am taking internal bath,
That eliminates uric acid,
excess of salt and sugar
And waste products of my body.

I know taking water
With meals dilutes
My stomach juice and
Hinders digestion.

Water, water,
Let me drink water
O my dear, I know
Water is useful
In constipation,
Asthma, flatulence,
Piles and fever.

Let me take bath
In water,
Let me rub my body
With hands before bathing
Let me take light exercises
Or for a few minutes slight sun-bath.
Let me take hot and cold hip baths
Together to get relieve from
Retention of urine, flatulence ad pain.
Let me take spinal bath
I know it is useful for my
Blood pressure, insomnia.
I take steam bath for my
Tonsillitis throat troubles,
Rheumatism, sciatica, pimples etc.
Hot foot bath is an antidote
To malaria and heaviness.

Let me swim in water
O my dear, I know it is
Beneficial to health
And it serves as a recreative activity.

Give me a cup of water
O my dear, and give me a
Better treatment and a better life.

Life is water
Water is life
Without water
The earth would
Become desert.

Let me enjoy
The recycling of water
From rain to ocean
In this rainy season,
Let me say it is
My life's new version .

gajanan mishra